LaaS Solution Qeys Launched

by Qeys on 2018-08-22 | Back to blog

Every web developer sooner or later has to deploy their work on a client’s server. Keeping track of what happens with your work after the push of the deploy button has always been difficult. Qeys now offers a no hassle web app/theme licensing solution with their Licensing as a Service (LaaS) platform. This new service helps web developers who are dealing with on-premise deployment, to make sure their work is only used in the environments for which it is developed.

A developer's nightmare

Imagine; after spending months turning the client’s idea into a fantastic product, a team of developers is requested to deploy their work on the client's server. After a couple of months, they find their work offered for sale by an unknown third party. At that time, one can only guess how many copies of his work are already illegally spread. It is the ultimate developer's nightmare. To prevent this from happening, developers want to be able to stay in control of what they built and to get notified in case of misusage.

Easy to install, hard to break

Qeys protects developers against invalid copies of their work, by serving a ready-to-go Licensing as a Service (LaaS) solution. Qeys’ validation is easy to install, using a tiny JavaScript file and license key, yet hard to break. Founder Frits Polman: “The different layers of protection is what makes Qeys so powerful. Even if someone tries to bypass validation, backup mechanisms will try and make sure that a breach notification is sent to the project owner that very second."

Instant breach notifications

Validation fails when an invalid license key is used, or when the domain on which the license key is used does not match with the one(s) it is created for. The developer gets notified and can take appropriate measures. Also, Qeys can block the application for further use.

Happily affordable

Qeys services are happily affordable for every type of developer. Whether you are a starter who wants to protect one project or work for an agency managing multiple projects at the same time, Qeys has different plans for every kind of user, starting at $49 / month. For more information, please visit the website

End of Press Release

For more information, feel free to contact Frits Polman, founder of Qeys. You can reach Frits on or +31 6 41 20 40 30.